The Team

The Team


The company is managed by engineers Groisman Offer and Haber Zeev.

Both have over 25 years of experience each and share highly respected reputation in the field of civil engineering.  Both have Master degree from the Technion; Israel Institute of Technology. Offer has combined his Civil Engineering studies with studies in the University
of Case Western Reserve in Cleveland Oh. USA.

Work over the years exposed them to a large diversity of clients including
international companies both from Europe and USA.


In order to best utilize optimal management capabilities, and in order to provide the client with the best of experience that exists in the market today, the company has added to its ranks  some of the most prominent engineers in the field of civil engineering infrastructure – Eng. Jacob Peleg, Eng. Kobi Sela, Eng. Adar Tsubery, who have  experience of 20-30 years in the Construction, Civil Infrastructures, Communication and control systems.

Combination of long experience, drive to success, proven management skills in some of the most challenging projects in the field, and a reputation acquired over time ensures the best cover of services for the client.


It enables us to fully leverage our capabilities in order to meet any necessary engineering management challenge, and give our clients the highest feeling of confidence.


In recognizing the decisive weight of choosing suitable staff, a team/project-based organizational structure has been developed. In every project the company is involved in, a
managerial team is established, headed by one of the company directors. This structure allows for the expression of the professional specialization of team members in various fields, while preserving the personal involvement of the company directors at necessary junctures, as well as sensitivity to the needs of the client.