Contractual Management

contractual management

contractual management


Every major project faces the need for dual skills: on one hand engineering management skills which lead the actual design and construction, and the contractual management which enables the customer to handle the risks of the contract (legal aspects/claims aspects).  


Concerning the contractual Management, Groisman Engineering will cover the following aspects:


Documents control and archive operation for the project.


Compare and confront of events with the original contract - Screening the material on an ongoing basis.


Sort collected material and turn them into "Impact events" - events affecting the construction.


Lead the schedule team of the project and create an "impacted schedule" based on hindrances applied on the project.


Build financial claims, involving Price analysis: quantities check, pricing materials, work logs, change orders, and issuing a request for contract add-ons.

Construction of an Extention Of Time claim- EOT claim. This includes, calculation of costs and loss of profit of the project.

Provide expert opinions for engineering arbitrators / court.