Project Management

Project Management services

Project Management services Project Management services Project Management services Project Management services

Groisman Engineering Ltd; provides responsive and
innovative project management services for its clients starting with the
concept and up to completion of the project.


Initial projects stages

  • Configuring settings and previews, surveys and preparation of probability reports.
  • Creating basic Risk Analysis, and Risk Control programs, to back the decision process.
  • Handling aspects of Statutory matter, including empowerment of master plans, approval until building permits.
  • Create a Document control system for upcoming project

Design and Tender stage

  • Project coordination in each of planning stage: preliminary, final and is detailed stage.
  • Coordination, integration and supervision over the design work done by different
    planning teams, in order to achieve the best economical and engineering solutions.
  • Manage teams of planners including follow-up work orders and payments.
  • Preparing budget estimates in various stages of the design phase. Analyze data in light of the needs and requirements of client.
  • Preparing schedules both for the design phase and the construction period. Keep track and maintain them.
  • Analyze and build a risk management plan for the project.
  • Prepare Quality Assurance Procedures, fitted to the given project.
  • Accompany the preparation of technical and contractual documents.
  • Support and assist the client to select the contractor.

Construction stage

  • Coordination of full design for construction.
  • Manage execution of construction.
  • Monitor sites - supervision
  • Quality Control Procedures create/supervise.
  • Examine and approval of contractors and sub-contractors bills.
  • Negotiations with contractors.
  • Create and control the budget and cash flow of the project.
  • Create and Escort the claims department.